Emily Watkins

Jude Kereama
Jude Kereama
4th July 2017
22nd January 2018

Emily comes from a house of women who love to cook. As a child, if she wasn't fighting for her turn in the kitchen, she was picking spinach for pocket money at the hotel in Dorset that her mother managed. As it wasn't seen as a female career path at the time, Emily felt discouraged at school from being a chef, and so studied business at university before enduring six months in an office job she hated. When enough was enough she embarked for Italy with no specific prospects aside from her own determination. That determination paid off when she worked her way from waitress into the kitchen of Ristorante Beccofino, Florence, Italy.

The passion and energy the Italians put into food truly inspired her, so when she returned to England and combined that passion with the avant-garde flair The Fat Duck then taught her, she not only knew the rules but how to break them as well. In 2007 she opened The Kingham Plough as Head Chef, and is now Chef Proprietor. The pub has featured on The Hairy Bikers, Tom Kerridge’s Proper Pub Food, and many others. Last year on The Great British Menu, Emily was awarded 10/10 for her main course – ‘Shoot Lunch’. Her food combines classic foods with the most innovative methods.

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